Our Story

Founded in 2021 in Calgary, brandr came about after our founder noticed how under leveraged video was in the corporate world. Businesses were making videos that were boring, stuffy, and offering no value to the viewers. And they weren’t gaining any traction. Many businesses are approaching content all wrong, especially video. For some reason, as soon as people are making content to sell something, they disregard every rule in the book.

brandr brings a fresh, modern, and creative perspective to branding and content marketing, through strategy and video.

Businesses often forget that they are marketing to people. Humans – not demographics or businesses. And it’s important to know exactly who those humans are when creating content, or you risk falling into the trap that many businesses fall into. Only talking about yourself, your businesses, and why you want their money.

People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to, especially while on social media. But people do want solutions to their problems. At brandr, we help you identify your target audience, your tribe, and get clear on what problem you are helping them solve. This dictates your messaging (and our favourite medium to deliver messaging is through video content.) We are firm believers that when you identify your brand and your tribe, your marketing practically writes itself. We don’t shy away from being specific, because if you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. And when you don’t know who you are trying to reach with your content, you won’t truly reach anyone, and you won’t build a quality audience or brand that way. And your content won’t bring in any meaningful revenue or make any meaningful impact.

So if your content isn’t getting much engagement, or helping grow your business, this could be why.

And we can help fix that.

Our Mission

Helping experts grow their brand and build their tribe through video.

Core Values

Content is King

Create great content that educates, entertains, or both. Marketing strategies and eye catching visuals are there to enhance already great content, not disguise crappy content.


Believe in yourself. Believe better is possible. Believe problems have solutions.

Be Efficient and Effective

Productivity is more important than hours logged. Red tape and bureaucracy has no place here. This way everyone can operate at their best, and reach their full potential.

Brainstorm, Innovate, Co-Create

A Place for Creativity, Initiative, and Growth.